About the project

TourNord’s goal is improving tourism education in the Nordics, inspired by the key recommendations of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ 2019 tourism policy analysis for the industry:

  • Increase Nordic cooperation on sustainable development in tourism
  • Digitalize to ‘Smart’ Nordic Destinations
  • Encourage innovation to foster competitiveness and growth.

With tourism playing a growing role in the Nordics, educators/students must gear themselves towards a new future in Nordic Tourism (NT). We aim to tackle these issues and apply them to higher education. Our objectives are:

SHORT-TERM (1+ year):

  • Network meetings, serving as a forum for exchanging best practices and experiences for educational and knowledge development within NT.
  • Discover and implement innovative ways of teaching to benefit educators and students in preparing them for the current/future demands of NT.
  • Promote & advance student/staff mobility among partners for learning, innovation and R&D activities within NT.

LONG-TERM (2+3 years):

  • Writing handbooks & articles on key themes within NT and education.
  • Develop intensive short-term courses for partner institutions (and beyond), geared at NT.
  • Expand network with educational institutions & tourism actors to further strengthen Nordic cooperation