Network Meetings

Below you will find information about our past and future network meetings, where all current partners are invited. The network meetings serve:

1. As a forum for exchanging best practices and experiences for education and knowledge development within Nordic Tourism

2. To discover and implement innovative ways of teaching to benefit educators and students in preparing them for the current/future demands of Nordic Tourism

3. To promote & advance student/staff mobility amongst partners for learning, innovation and R&D activities within NT.

4. Develop courses and projects for partner institutions (and beyond), geared at NT.

5. To expand our network with educational institutions & tourism actors to further strengthen Nordic cooperation.

1st Network Meeting: Esbjerg, Denmark

Source: Esmark

Dates: November 22 – 24, 2021


  1. Preparing students and educators in tourism with digital skills & competences
  2. Developing Sustainable Tourism Destinations

You can read more about the network meeting here.

2nd Network Meeting: Turku, Finland


Dates: March 28 – 30, 2022


  1. Nordic Tourism: What makes it unique
  2. Life-long learning: How can educators continuously update their skills and competences
  3. Tourism in remote locations (lessons from the Arctic)

You can read more about the network meeting here.

3rd Network Meeting: Bergen, Norway

(Source: Bergen Tourist Board)

Dates: 6-7 March, 2023


  1. Innovative and Resilient Tourism
  2. Sustainable Tourism: Preparing students for a greener future

You can read more about the network meeting here.

4th Network Meeting: Nuuk, Greenland

Dates: 15-16 August, 2023

(Source: Guide to Greenland)


  1. Arctic Tourism: Prospects and Challenges

You can read more about the network meeting here.

5th Network Meeting: Randers, Denmark

Dates: 9-10 April 2024

Randers (source – VisitAarhus)


  1. Regenerative and Responsible Tourism

6th Network Meeting: Kalmar, Sweden

Dates: 6-7 August 2024

Linnaeus University (source –


  1. Nature-based tourism