Business Academy SouthWest (Erhvervsakademi Sydvest):

Business Academy SouthWest (EASV) is a Danish regional higher education and research institution with locations in Esbjerg and Sønderborg. It aims to develop and provide practical higher education at the academy professional and professional bachelor level, which is done in close cooperation with the regions’ business sectors and (inter)national educational institutions. EASV offers a degree in in Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management, and have active international research projects within tourism and education.


Contact: Christian Dragin-Jensen

Linnaeus University:

Linnaeus University (LNU) is located in Växjö and Kalmar in Sweden and offers over 150 degree programmes and 1300 single-subject courses to 33.000 students within the subjects of arts and humanities, health and life sciences, the social sciences, the natural sciences, technology, and business and economics. LNU are research experts within the area of sustainable tourism and offer a master programme in tourism and sustainability.


Contact: Marianna Strzelecka

University of Greenland (Ilisimatusarfik):

The University of Greenland (UG) is recognized as an Arctic university that carries out research and education activities focused on arctic cultures, languages, and health and social conditions. By virtue of its central geographical position in the Arctic and specialization in questions related to Arctic society, health conditions and cultures, UG promotes development and innovation at a time and in a society in which where there is an acute need for knowledge, growth and long-term solutions. UG has a unique insight and knowledge in local/regional development (such as tourism) in isolated areas, innovation and entrepreneurship.


Contact: Gestur Hovgaard

University of Turku (Turun Yliopisto):

University of Turku (UTU) is a multidisciplinary scientific university. Expertise of seven faculties ranges from humanities to natural sciences and business. UTU is one of the leading research universities in Finland offering research and study opportunities in seven faculties. UTU has 20.000 students, including 2.000 international students from over 100 different countries, and approximately 3.000 graduates each year. UTU has a state-of-the-art research and approach to higher education – especially with university-business collaboration, regional development, life-long learning, competency-based education and intercultural competences.


Contact: Timo Halttunen

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (Høgskulen på Vestlandet):

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) is a Norwegian public institution of higher education, having 5 campuses located in Bergen, Førde, Haugesund, Sogndal and Storm, stretching over 400 kilometers on the western coast of Norway. HVL has over 3000 annual university graduates, and offers a broad range of academic programmes at Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD levels. HVL has experience and programs in outdoor education, nature & experience-based travelling, and are active in R&D with events and rural studies.


Contact: Gregory Kwiatkowski

Dania Academy:

Dania Academy is one of Denmark’s higher education institutions. With over 5000 students, full-time and part-time of whom 320 are international students, we are a medium sized University of Applied Sciences offering undergraduate programmes. At the Academy, students can choose to study in English or Danish in a diverse international environment.  Furthermore Dania is holder of an ERASMUS+ Charter and offer both incoming and outgoing mobility for students and staff.

At Dania students are expected to play an active role in their own learning process. We aim at pro­viding student-centered learning and open debate during class.  Working with projects and problem-based learning is essential. We use different teaching methods like traditional lectures, class teaching, ca­ses and presentations – analog as well as online. Our students gain the ability to work analytically and creatively in a problem-solving environment.


Contact: Henrik Sølvbjerg Pahus